Body Works

Scratches and Dents Repaired at Trade Prices (Free Estimates at Your Premises)

Certified Car Service

Free Collection When You Book an MOT With OR Without Service

Digital Diagnostics

We Provide Expert Fault Finding Solutions & Repairs for Your Car’s Computer System.

Parent Package

We Aim to Do Work Between School Runs For Parents.



Best garage offering quality repair services

Avantgarde Autos garage offers excellent auto maintenance services to its valued clientele in the area for any kind of auto maintenance that they may be in need of. The services offered by Avantgarde Autos include fitting of auto parts, car body repair, MOT testing as well as checking for any other general repairs that may be needed.
There is no differentiation in the make and model of cars serviced by Avantgarde Autos; all kinds of cars are welcome for servicing at the garage, no matter how old or new the models are.
You can check in any time at our garage and experience for yourself the customer friendly highly trained staff ready to deal with any and all kinds of auto repair
First, the staff will try its best to understand and diagnose the problem that your car is facing and then, get down to resolving it completely in the least possible amount of time, for the best possible price.
We also offer a full MOT service which can be done between school runs. We will pick up, and drop off the car for free, with no additional charge.

Annual maintenance service for your automobile

It is always a wise idea to go for annual maintenance for your automobile so that you can keep it in good shape for as long as you use it.
This maintenance will pay off whether you intend you use your car in the longer run or if you choose to sell it; the high level maintenance would fetch you a better price for your car relative to other cars that are not maintained the same way.
However, if you are too busy to remember to go for your cars annual maintenance, then we offer an easy way that you can remember to get it done every year.
Simply sign up for free, for our maintenance reminder program and relieve any worries of having to remember to get it done each year.
Near the end of the year, we would email you in advance to let you know that it’s time for you to get your car maintained as per the yearly schedule.
Once you receive the mail in your inbox, you can call our customer service and book a convenient date for the visit to our garage for the service and get the repairs done, simple. We will even come and collect your car for you and drop it back off if you are to busy.